Sometimes Saving Is So Easy!

by buyalex

by buyalex

If saving money is so easy why don’t we do it more often?

Painful is the only word I can think of to express it. We purchased our first modern computer in 1995. How many pages have we printed since that time? There are generally 500 sheets per ream. 2-5 reams per year for 14 years mean something like 20,000- 25,000 pages.

Our printer is one that is not friendly to refilling. The color cartridges cost about 15.00 ea. for 4 colors and each black cartridge. $75.00 per full replacement at least 3-4 times per year!

Most of what we print is black and white yet when printing, the default is color. How many times have we neglected to find the tab to check the box for grayscale? Thousands! Cumulatively, how much time has been spend clicking the tabs and checkboxes when we actually remembered? Hours.  

I can’t say why, other than an ever increasing awareness for thrift, this issue popped into my head while driving home from work the other day.

It took a sum total of about 25 seconds to fix this:

  1. Click on the Printers & Faxes Icon in the Start Menu.
  2. Right click on your default printer
  3. Select Properties
  4. Click on the advanced tab
  5. Select the Properties button
  6. Check the Grayscale box
  7. Save

Your printer may be a bit different but I’m confident it is stil possible to change the default. Check the owner’s manual or online for the correct procedure.

Looking around the internet there are thousands of ideas that can help us save money and time. Why do so many people not take advantage? Maybe they don’t understand the long-term impact of a lifestyle of consumption? Maybe they don’t care?

In my case, there is a desire to save and grow wealth but still I have missed so many opportunities over the years. I wonder if we simply become blinded by the routine?

How many other simple things like this can we do to automate savings? Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

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