Death and Taxes

Hopefully I will never write a more depressing post! Death and Taxes?

While scientist’s continue to search for the fountain of youth and may well be able to extend life, at some point we must face the inevitable.

Taxes on the other hand cannot be put off. We must face them every day and every year; sales tax, gas tax, property tax and income tax not to mention all the hidden “taxes” of increased costs that are a direct result of intrusive government regulation. Depending on your income 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33% or even 35% of your income could go directly to the government! 

It dawned on me recently that no matter how close you and I get to being “debt free” we will never truly achieve it thanks to our leaders in government.

When I started this blog I was thinking about all the un-enlightened folks that continue to consume their way into perpetual debt, all the almost-figured-it-out people that are looking for new ideas on how to save more, make more and invest more, and all the people that have specialized knowledge that can and will help us to capitalize on our money and investments.

What I never thought about were our politicians! Until now, I only considered my personal financial journey and just accepted my tax obligation as an involuntary reflex like breathing. However when you consider your tax obligation, your portion of the national debt you realize that even if your do pay off all your debt you are still burdened!

photo by Kevin Krejci
photo by Kevin Krejci

This picture above is dated; your debt load has already grown considerably. Regardless of your political affiliation your leaders in government continue to dig you deeper into a hole.

While each of us should continue to take personal responsibility for our financial future we should also be holding our elected leaders to the same standard they would want us to follow. It’s time to tell congress and our president enough is enough. If you can tighten your belt, become frugal, reduce your expenses and do without, then so can they!

It’s time for a balanced Federal budget. Take a moment today to write to your congressman and senator and let them know you won’t stand for it anymore. If we can live within our means then so should they.

Find your Senator here: Senators of the 111th Congress

Find your Congressmen here: U.S. House of Representatives

Contact the President here: The White House

Need a little more encouragement? Take a look at this website, please click on the picture to see the live data!


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