Best Laid Plans

photo by StefanoA (Not mine!)

photo by StefanoA (Not my ribs!)

My wife works really hard all year long. With the exception of her annual girls weekend to the beach she is on call 24/7 with the additional burden of often being the sole contact for all family matters due to my frequent travel schedule.

Every once in a while I actually take a little time to try and do something special for her. Today was another example.

We had discussed for days what to have for our meals during the holiday season. It was all planned so that we she would not have to run to the store at the last minute. Today’s dinner was to be ribs but we had debated until early this afternoon how exactly they would be prepared.

Usually we smoke the ribs, they are a family favorite. As our debate lasted until noon we realized that we were already destined to eat a late dinner if we followed through on the routine or if we were willing to experiment we could eat at a decent time and still have a nice evening with the kids.

Normally, I cook anything outside, she cooks inside. Today, without discussion I took control of the experimental Dr. Pepper pork ribs. 

The recipe was followed exactly with a dry rub mixture applied to the ribs cooked for an hour and a half. During this time I whipped up the glaze and reduced it down to a syrupy consistency to be applied several times during the final hour of cooking.

The rack was cut into thirds. At each stage my wife checked in. She suggested for the rub that I go light on one portion of the ribs. When I began applying the glaze she also suggested varying quantities for each portion. During the last coating she again commented that one portion should be lightly coated.

I didn’t listen.

My son was the first to taste the sauce with the tip of his finger. Based on the convulsions that he experienced I knew the dinner was going to be questionable. As  my wife was sitting down and in full denial I dove into a rib which was very tender. The meat fell from the bone as I gobbled it up into my mouth. The flavor was actually quite nice… until the bite of the cayenne pepper caught up with my taste buds.

I was the only one that actually downed two whole ribs. The good news is that my sinuses will be clear for several days. The bad news is that we I wasted an entire rack of ribs!

Experimenting with new foods and tastes is always a pleasure for me. Wasting money is painful. But for the cost of the meal I did learn two important lessons. 1) My wife should be doing the cooking and 2) When I am too pigheaded to follow the first point, I should heed my wife’s advice!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Now I have to stop by the fridge to turn the turkey which is marinating in the experimental seasoning I decided to try this year…


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