Eight Random Things About Me...

bugatti_veyronThe amazing diversity in the world of blogs will never cease to surprise me. There are all kinds of interesting stories, opinions, scams and stupidity. Every once in a while you also find yourself involved in something that you would have never expected. For example, I’ve Been Tagged!

Hey, I had no idea either. I guess you have to be a bit younger or just more hip to know. I checked it out a little and this is what I found. Tagging is effectively a game of chain letters that some bloggers have participated in; it seems to have been a fad around 2007.

This particular thread of tagging that got me ends with The Frugal Law Student. He was tagged by someone else that I couldn’t track down (easily). While he actually targeted a list of bloggers it appears only The Clever Dude took him up on the tag, though he did pass it along to 8 more including fivecentnickel. Nickel had a different approach, he played the game but didn’t want to tag eight more people, he only challenged anyone with a blog to list their 8 random things and post it on their about page. That challenge was picked up by the MightyBargainHunter. MBHunter took a similar approach simply challenging any bloggers to do the same which was picked up by CashMoneyLife. At that is where I got tagged.

If you get a chance, check out their random eight things.

Here are mine:

8) I’ll try any food at least once, including live octopus and barbecued chicken feet. Like I said at least once, but not always twice!

7) For nearly two years I commuted from L.A. to Puerto Rico to work. 12 days on, 4 days off. I enjoyed my time working as much as I enjoyed my time off.

6) The tip of one of my figures was cut off on a jointer.

5) If the temperature is below 80 degrees I believe there is something wrong!

4) I read the Elegant Universe by Brian Greene, for fun! I can’t get enough string theory even though I still don’t completely get it!

3) I’ve owned almost every dream car I have ever wanted including, but not limited to, an Avanti, VW Bus and a Cuda (What an eclectic mix!). I’m still missing the Bugatti Veyron but now that I am a cheapskate I may take this one off my list. $2.5 million is just a little steep for my comfort.

2) I spent nearly 4 years working for a non-profit child education program and lived off of $450/month. I know what it’s like to eat rice and beans!

1) I’m now married to my best friend and every mans dream, a football fanatic. Oddly, I could care less about the game unless Dallas and Redskins play. (She is a skins fan!)

As I poked around the web, it seems this tagging thing was a fad around 2007. I’d like to bring it back. It gives us all a chance to reveal a little more about ourselves and gives readers a chance to become a little more connected. In the end it’s completely voluntary, but if you are on my list, Tag, You’re It! I did a quick search of each of these sites and did not find a similar list so I hoping we all learn something new.

If you not on my list, consider yourself tagged anyway. Either way, do me a favor and link back to this page to let us know!

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