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Money, personal finance, savings, debt reductionWant to talk about waste, sit down at a computer and start surfing the web. You may find a few minutes of laughter, pick up a nugget or two, but the vast majority of your time will likely be spent looking at information you already know or waiting for sites to load.

I’m no different than any other surfer. Instead of hours of waste for a few nuggets, how about just seeing the nuggets? I learned from each post listed below and thought you might find them worthwhile as well. Each listing has enough detail so you will know if it is value added to you or not:

Mighty Bargain Hunter has a guest post by Ann Smarty that teaches a few new tricks using Google. If you are not aware of the ~, or, or * operators when searching, take a peek!

Financial Samurai never ceases to challenge your thinking. This article is no different. For all those experiencing or desiring a job transition, the Samurai urges you to look not at the pay scale but at the people.

CNNMoney shares that even if you short sale your house you may be responsible for the loss.

MBAbriefs has a series of articles on investing. If you think you will ever seriously consider individual stocks or need to gain a better understanding of how to analyze stocks based on standard business metric this series is a great summary.

Planting Dollars has begun a series that is tracking his effort to start a new niche website. This post explores the ebryonic stages of organizing a website. If you have an interest in starting on online side-business it will be worth following to learn from him and his mistakes (if he happens to make any).

MoneyNing puts recent spending cuts of $100 million into perspective with a illustrative video. It’s less than two minutes long and will make you go hmmmm.

Downturn Living will stop you in your tracks and make you consider the impact to not only your wallet but also the environment. Check back every Friday for a new installment of Eco Fraud Friday.

Engineer Your Finances teaches us a different perspective on spending with the concepts of a convenience tax that we charge ourselves every time we take the easy way out.

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