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Want to talk about waste, sit down at a computer and start surfing the web. You may find a few minutes of laughter, pick up a nugget or two, but the vast majority of your time will likely be spent looking at information you already know or waiting for sites to load.

I’m no different than any other surfer. Instead of hours of waste for a few nuggets, how about just seeing the nuggets? I learned from each post listed below and thought you might find them worthwhile as well. Each listing has enough detail so you will know if it is value added to you or not:

Here is an interesting List of Free Specialty Consumer Reports from Bargaineering.

If you are an investor in individual stocks you may want to familiarize yourself with Understanding how Beta Works by MoneyEnergy

Here is one that caught me off guard, it appear the Public Trusts Financial Blogs and Websites More than Advisers by StockTickle

Mrs. Micah from FinanceFreelanceLIfe is a phenom of financial blogging and blogging platforms, a freelancer that shares 27 Business Tools for Freelancers. There are things that will serve you as well!

Almost all of us own and buy cars. They are quoted as likely being the second most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. While I love cars, I will never buy a new one. FiscalFizzle shares another source for quality used cars in Would You Buy a Rental Car?

Something to think about on your path to retirement from FiscalGeek, Why Tax Deferral Fees May Be A Sucker’s Bet. Written by Kevin from Out of Your Rut

If your trying to pay down your mortgage like we are you might want to look at Evolution of Wealth’s Mortgage Acceleration Experiment.

Letters to yourself – There has been a micro trend in the blogging world of late.  It all started with this post by Punch Debt in the Face began it with a letter to himself. Being a bit of a voyeur at heart (yes, I like reality shows), it is impossible not to delve into the inner thinking of these writers. Within a couple days these letters were popping up  all over the place. Take a look!

Suburban Dollar

151 Days Off

Small Steps for a Big Change

If I Were a Wealthy Girl

Deliver Away Debt

Fiscal Geek

My Financial Objectives

Stay at Home Mom CFO

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Daily Yakezie Short Carnival

The Average Worker Financial Cycle by Money Monk

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps: Step 1 – $1000 Emergency Fund by Christian Common Cents

Razors: Saving Money the Millionaire Nurse Way by The Millionaire Nurse

These posts have been chosen as one of their best post by the bloggers who submitted them, so check them out if you are looking to add more blogs to your reading list.

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