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Money, personal finance, savings, debt reductionWant to talk about waste, sit down at a computer and start surfing the web. You may find a few minutes of laughter, pick up a nugget or two, but the vast majority of your time will likely be spent looking at information you already know or waiting for sites to load.

I’m no different than any other surfer. Instead of hours of waste for a few nuggets, how about just seeing the nuggets? I learned from each post listed below and thought you might find them worthwhile as well. Each listing has enough detail so you will know if it is value added to you or not:

Ever find yourself on a mainstream site such as New York Times with interest in an article, only to find out that you must register to read it? What a pain in the arse this is! First you fill out the forms, then you have to open your email to confirm the registration blah blah blah… Jim Wang @ Bargaineering turned me on to BugMeNot. A site that you can find and share generic user and passwords for common sites.

Yakezie SMTaxes are on everyone’s mind. If you owed, I’m sorry. If you had a refund, I’m sorry. What, how can I be sorry for both? The owing part is obvious, the refund however… If Uncle Sam owed you that means you provided a interest free loan to the government. If  you want to make sure you get your witholdings on your W4 correct, check out How to Adjust Tax Withholdings by Deliver Away Debt. com

Yakezie SMIn February some new laws were implemented with the intent on improved regulation of the credit card companies in order to protect you and I. Credit Card Chaser.com has insight that helps us see the result may be very different. Take a look at Will the Card Act Turn Credit Card Users Into Payday Loan Users?

How about some sound investing advice coupled with a chance to learn a little about the psychology of investing? Steadfast Finances.com shares some interesting information about how people tend to follow the herd with Missing Out On Profits Is More Frightening Than Losing Money.

Yakezie SMAnd what about your investments. Are you sure you are not simply losing your nest egg to outrageous fees? Have you ever really investigated how much your 401K program is keeping from your investments? You must take a look at PT Money.com and his article 401K Fees Expenses Brightscope Review.

Yakezie SMWhere are the best investments for the long-term? In the depths of the current market it is hard to keep a good perspective. But the Investor @ Monevator.com helps to bring it all down to earth with Volatility Inflation and Asset Class Returns.

Lastly, I picked up this nugget while floating around the web. Unfortunately I forgot where it came from. If you featured this link in the past two weeks, leave a comment below so that I can recognize the source. It is both eye opening and gut wrenching at the same time. When you look at it you will understand why so many believe that severe tax increases are inevitable and why we must keep voting our leaders out of congress until we get a group that is willing to make the tough choices. Best of all this comes straight from non other than the CIA.

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