Money Hackers Carnival #108- Dare or Truth!

6) HoqqheffEliminate the Muda is proud to present the 108th edition of the Money Hacks Carnival.

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I’ve read through over 33 articles and found lots of interesting stuff. Some of the information provided is all truth while other information dares you to think differently. Therefore I have decided to make the theme of this carnival Truth or Dare.

However, we are playing a little differently, we are playing Dare and Truth! I dare you to open a comments box below and answer each question truthfully.

First things first, you have to read each of the editor’s picks:

Money Help for Christians help college kids too. You’ve heard of Coverdell and 529’s, but have you heard about this? Roth IRA For Your Kids College Savings – A Hybrid Approach

NeedMoneyTips talks tough with a different view on employment: Make More Money At Work.

Darwin’sFinance urges you to buck the trend with interest free loans to the government in 6 Reasons You Won’t Go To Hell If You’re Getting A Tax Refund This Year.

Suburban Dollar looks at the truths behind the new Credit Card Act: Will The New Credit Card Act, 2010 Be Beneficial To Consumers?

The Sun’s Financial DiaryKnow Thy (Financial) Self – Great advice for all of us to follow.

Let the games begin!

freemoneyfinance provides timeless advice: How Not To Act Old In An Interview.

1. What would you do to someone else for a Klondike bar?

Out Of Debt Again shares I Tried Shop at Whole Foods But I Just Couldn’t Make Myself Do It! I can’t say I blame her after seeing what she discovered. I’m not sure what is worse, fish heads or the ….!

2. What is your guilty pleasure Disney Movie?

How To Be Frugal shares advice to Saving Money On Eating Out

3. What is the longest you have gone without bathing?

Balance Junkie – digs deeper into the world of Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) for Canadians. He questions: Should You Take Money Out of RRSP’s To Pay Off Debt?

4. If you could tell a blogger what to write, who would it be and what would they write? (Don’t Quit Your Day Job) dares you to snitch on your tax cheating neighbor with this thought provoking article IRS Ratatouille.

5. What do you do to let someone that you are interested in know that you like him/her? asks if you would still have a great attitude if you were Broke, Evicted Heart Attack Victim Has No Financial Stress.

6. What would be a question you’d be afraid to tell the truth on?

Budgets are $exy is bustin’ guts and having a blast with The 20 Best Money Sites. To bad they didn’t the list 21 Best Money Site, I’m sure Budgets are $exy would have been on it!

7. If any one blogger could be your slave for a day, who would it be and what would he/she have to do?

Dividends Value presents 11 Dividend Stocks Providing Positive Feedback.

8. For the guys: have you ever worn lingerie?

Credit Card Assists provides guidance Knowing When to Disclose Your Social Security Number

9. For the girls: have you ever worn a jockstrap?

MyWealthBuilder proclaims the answer to a comfortable retirement: How Living Only On Base Salary Funded Our Early Retirement.

10. If you could be born into history as any famous person who would it be and why?

LiveRealNow Is Your Budget Doing More Harm Than Good?

11. What is your best physical attribute?

Consumer Boomer raises the question Should You Invest With Lending Club Or Is It Too Risky?

12. Would you invest in Peer-to-Peer lending?

Provident Planning has Updates to the Free Retirement Calculator. It says I only have to save $25,000 per year to meet my goal, piece of cake!

13. Have you ever been arrested?

Financial Uproar inquires: Is Canada In A Real Estate Bubble? Yikes, I hope not.

14. If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?

Do You Dave Ramsey shares Dave Ramsey with Baby Step One – Starter Emergency Fund.

15. Which blogger do you think would be a bad date?

MoneyNing How To Use A 529 Plan To Improve College Savings

16. Do you have a secret talent and what is it?

Good Financial Cents presents  Rules and Limits to Open a SEP IRA.

17. What is one unique thing are you afraid of?

Buck$ome Boomer tackles the challenges of boarding fido with 5 Tips for Selecting a Kennel

18. If you had to listen to only three songs for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Canadian Finance BlogHow I Got $8 Glasses. And no, he didn’t buy 8 happy meals to get them!

19. If you and someone else were the only people alive on earth, who would you pick the other person to be?

Ask Mr. Credit CardPurchase Protection and Purchase Publicity – Would you like all your purchases publicly displayed?

20. Describe the best dream you ever had in full detail.

CreditCardOffersIQList of Interest Free Credit Cards for 12 Months.

21. What is on your mind right now?

Miss Bankruptcy dares you to diversify your accounts further with an ING Orange Savings Account

22. When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Doughroller completes a FNBO Direct Review

23. In three words or less, why are you in debt?

MyDollarPlan shares a Discover $50 Sign Up Bonus

24. Have you ever woken up in a strange place and where was it?

Control Your Cash – Tell us if you try this! 3 out 0 f every 4 People Reading Are Idiots?

25. Did you really read the article listed above?

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Many of the truth or dare questions came from Advicopedia.

Photo by Hoqqheff

Daily Yakezie Short Carnival

Why it’s Frugal to live in Arizona by Ultimate Money Blog

Marginal earnings, when working is no longer worth it by Early Retirement Extreme

Life Insurance Secret #7: Permanent Life Insurance isn’t Always Permanent by Clarafinancial

These posts have been chosen as the best post of the month by the bloggers who submitted them, so check them out if you are looking to add more blogs to your reading list.

24 comments to Money Hackers Carnival #108- Dare and Truth!

  • Thanks for including my article!

    Hmm, here goes:
    1 Is Scarlet Johanson involved?? Anything she wanted!
    2 hmm, are the Shrek movies Disney?
    3 4-5 days I’m sure
    4 “The Secret to Nailing Life”, Leo Babuta… but he kinda already does that….
    5 Well, I’m married so I just tell my wife… but in my younger days my affection towards someone was in direct proportion to how awkward I was around them
    6 What would I *really* do if I had unlimited access
    7 Does Scarlett Johanson blog???????
    8 not yet
    9 n/a
    10 hmm, this could change everyday, but I absolutely love sports and writing.. someone like an Michael Lewis or Colin Cowherd or Ivan Maisel or Cecil Hurt (very local reference)
    11 at my age, a full head of hair!
    12 no
    13 no
    14 this might be my new answer to number 6
    15 me… see #5
    16 still looking for it
    17 missing out… becoming so numb to the routine that I miss out
    18 today I’d say… Traveling Riverside Blues (Led Zeppelin) Reeling in the Years (Stealy Dan) Truck’n (Greatful Dead)
    19 …an unintentional theme I guess Scarlet Johanson
    20 I don’t recall… when I remember them they ver vivid immediately when I wake up then fade away
    21 how many more questions are left?
    22 at one point when I was really young I wanted to be a garbage man… I think it was because of the big trucks
    23 impatience took over
    24 yes… not a prouder moment, but in my car miles away from home on the side of the road
    25 not yet, but I will now
    .-= DoYouDaveRamsey´s last blog ..Baby Step Two – Pay-Off Debt with the Debt Snowball =-.

  • Thanks for including me in today’s carnival!

  • Thanks for hosting the carnival! If my retirement calculator says you need to save $25,000 a year to meet your goal, then you’ve either waited too long to start or you have a pretty big goal!
    .-= Paul Williams´s last blog ..Have a Tax Question? Get an Answer! Free Tax Help from Provident Planning!!! =-.

  • I love this theme! I’m a little crunched for time today, so I’m just going to answer #14:

    I am a member of the opposite sex for today! (Hint: Balance Junkie is a girl!) No offense taken, though. I live in a houseful of boys, so the lines are kind of blurry at my house anyway. Thanks for including my post!

  • I’ll play…

    1) Tell them to buy it.
    2) Gotta be Wall*E
    3) 4 Days between showers!
    4) James Taranto; his lead would link to my site.
    5) Used to just say something…
    6) Haha, this one?
    7) Probably all of them… find me interesting facts to write about!
    8) Nope
    9) N/A
    10) Thomas Austin. He’s sort of an anti-hero. I’d write an article about it.
    11) Arms.
    12) Yes, and it’s not a theoretical.
    13) Narrowly avoided on multiple occasions (in my past!).
    14) I hope I wouldn’t look like I do now, I don’t think I would be attractive as a female! I wish I knew what I’d do…
    15) Any of them; my girlfriend would sabotage the date.
    16) I can catch thrown food in my mouth… and I’m unnaturally good at it.
    17) Irrelevance? No, just kidding. Heights!
    18) November Rain, Kashmir, and Fire on High. They’re long enough that I would last a few years longer than others before going insane.
    19) If I didn’t say “my girlfriend” it might be the end of the world today.
    20) Like the last poster, I can’t remember anything in full detail. Dreams are weird!
    21) “Why can’t I remember any vivid dreams?”
    22) Myself, just bigger. With more money (enough to buy a race car).
    23) I have debt, but I’m not in debt. So: “Went to College”.
    24) Half in my closet (not full on in my closet like in Clerks., but with my torso out in the room.
    25) Yeah. The Feds owe me, and I owe California. I’m half-idiot!

    Thanks for hosting, and the link!
    .-= pkamp3´s last blog ..Retirement Fantasy =-.

  • 1. Thank them
    2. Toy Story
    3. 1 day. Anything else is gross.
    4. I can’t even keep up with all the great blogs now
    5. Post a comment on his or her blog 😉
    6. I never tell the truth or do I always tell the truth?
    7. I have a blogger slave. It’s not as much fun as you would think.
    8 & 9 are both No
    10. I’ll stick with my life thanks.
    11. My eyes…or maybe my breasts.
    12. Yes
    13. No
    14. I would be very short therefore very miserable and don’t even get me started on the outdoor plumbing.
    15. No comment
    17. I’m fearless
    18. I’d rather live in silence the rest of my life.
    19. McFarlane
    20. My dreams are bizarre, informative and sometimes scary but they’re never good enough to describe in a public forum.
    21. How many more questions do I have to answer?
    22. A flight attendant (they were called stewardess then)
    23. Real Estate
    24. Sometimes it’s my own bed
    25. Read it? We wrote it ☺

    Thanks for including us in the carnival.


  • Great carnival strategy! (Yes, I read the last post, how could you not with that title?)
    .-= Simple in France´s last blog ..Do price tags make wine taste better? =-.

  • Nice work Greg-san. Gosh, I had no idea there was this Money Hacks Carnival too. What is the best way for us clueless folks to keep track?

    .-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..“Capitalism: A Love Story” DVD Review & Giveaway =-.

  • Haha this is fun…here are my answer (and thanks for including my post!):

    1) Nothing – unless that person was a hot girl, and i was single.
    2) Aladin
    3) 4 days?
    4) No desire for this…but ask me when I’m drinking 😉
    5) I write them a note and ask them to circle “yes,” “no,” or “maybe” for a date.
    6) Probably sexual stuff…but never really thought of before.
    7) Haha…. Money Mate Kate so she can give me messages.
    8) Yes, but if you don’t let me explain then NO 😉 (halloween)
    10) NOoooo idea…
    11) My mohawk?
    12) Yes, but Maryland won’t let me
    13) Nope – close though.
    14) I think it’s pretty obvious – the same thing all other guys would choose 😉
    15) Brian from My Next Buck (hah! I bet he finds this somehow…)
    16) Yeah, I am really good at *almost* starting fights…but only while drinking. For some reason I always try getting 2 people to hook up at bars that don’t know each other….for or against their will, it’s weird.
    17) Bees?
    18) Gone ‘Til November by Wyclef, Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap, and probably some sort of classical music song that will never piss me off.
    19) The Wife
    20) no way, would take me forever!
    21) Hip Hop Music
    22) A surfer and an archeologist (at the same time)
    23) Bought A House
    24) Plenty of times….my favorite – a bathtub in a strangers house.
    25) Nope!

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