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Frugal Fun, Money, Saving, MoviesFellow Yakezie member Money Beagle recently highlighted how expensive movie theaters have become. Amazingly they continue to increase rates even when the economy is depressed. Some are charging as much as $14.00 when you view a film in 3D.

Taking it to the next level you may have seen the new dinning theater experience. You and your companions dine while the movie plays on the big screen. I feel the draw, I’d love to have a BBQ sandwich while watching a flick.

Oh snap!  As my son would say; we can have BBQ with a movie.

Tell me, if you needed to, could you get your hands on a LCD projector? Almost every office has invested in a portable model. Maybe a neighbor can assist? When I was a kid, you could check these out at the library, it is always worth asking!

We borrow one from a friend and project onto the  largest bare white wall. Other than wiring up the projector and some speakers, if available, it is simply a matter of moving a few pieces of furniture. We pull in a love seat and the bean bags and add several blankets and pillows.

Of course no dinner theater experience is right without food and drink! Take the time before starting the movie to prepare everything you might want. BBQ ribs and corn are essential. We will then pre-scoop the ice cream and leave it in the freezer, ready to serve.

You might want an old favorite like An Affair to Remember. Are you in the mood for something classic like Clockwork Orange? Of course every once in awhile, it is fun to get the crap scared out of you; go for The Exorcist!

With spring coming, if you have a killer sound system and are innovative, you could create a drive-in movie and invite the neighbors. Set up the projector in the garage. With the door open stretch a large white sheet in the opening to function as the screen. With the projector shooting from behind the “curtain,” the film is actually seen backwards. As long as there are no subtitles, this should work fine.

You can either bring out and set up the lounge chairs or sit in the car and roll down the window for sound.

Here is a great article to get you started making your own video screen from

Readers: What other frugal fun do you have with your family? If you could find a projector to use, what movie will it be?

This weekend we will be watching The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. If you happen to be one of the last 7 people in this world to miss it, please take a look!

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9 comments to Frugal Family Fun

  • Thanks for the mention!

    I love the idea a drive-in! What a creative and feel good kind of an idea! I’ll have to check around to see if my library has a projector or if I can borrow on from work like you wrote about!

    Very clever, thanks for sharing the great idea!
    .-= Money Reasons´s last blog ..MoneyReasons Weekly Cache 2010, April 18 =-.

  • Nice idea. The price of going to the movies is what ultimately caused me to agree to my husband’s purchase of a flat screen TV back in the States. We shortly realized that watching movies on a great screen at home, in our pjs, on a cozy couch and with great food was much better than forking over a lot of money to be uncomfortable at the movie theater.

    I can see my husband building a home theater too. . .I think he even has a projector stashed away someplace.
    .-= Simple in France´s last blog ..Risks you’d take to live your dream =-.

  • I got my mom a home theater projector a few years back and every time I visit, they are making great use of it. I’m surprised the bulb hasn’t burned out with how much they use it, but they keep telling me it was the best gift they ever received.
    .-= Jesse´s last blog ..Linkworthy: Balance, Bills and Movie Futures =-.

  • I usually hook my laptop directly up to my big screen when I want to watch a movie (like Netflix insta-movies). Just pull out the HDMI from the cable box and pop it into the laptop…works just like a projector (by hitting F8). If you don’t have an HDMI port on your laptop you can get adaptors pretty cheap at monoprice….not to mention the HDMI cord itself…way better to spend $5 on an HDMI cable online than $90 at Best Buy.
    .-= Car Negotiation Coach´s last blog ..How to organize financial documents for your car =-.

  • Friends of ours had a kick-ass Halloween party one year in their yard, where they had a projection screen showing horror movies all night. It’s a great idea (as long as you don’t bother the neighbors)!
    .-= RainyDaySaver´s last blog ..Home Remedies: Yea or Nay? =-.

  • I love the idea of a drive-in theme movie night. Especially with the warmer weather near, what a wonderful way to spend a late spring or summer evening!
    .-= Little House´s last blog ..Sunday Roundup =-.

  • Cool ideas. Thanks for using my article as a springboard!

    There are still bargains and deals to be found with more ‘reasonable’ theaters. My wife and I were able to catch a bargain matinee for $4.50 per ticket, so the deals are still out there. AMC definitely doesn’t get it, though!

    Thanks again.
    .-= Money Beagle´s last blog ..Bankers Still Don’t Get It =-.

  • The LeanLifeCoach

    @MoneyReasons – A pleasure! It turned out to be a motivator for our house as well. Not only are the kids excited about Randy Pausch this weekend but we are planning on inviting over some friends after school is out for a movie in the backyard.

    @Simple in France – A new project for hubby? Don’t tell him it was my fault!

    @Jesse – That is very cool! You are a great kid to do that for mom and dad!

    @Car negotiation – I think I am the last person on earth that does not have a giant flat screen TV. But you have a great idea. I also do the same when I am in hotels and want to watch a video.

    @RainyDaySaver – We had neighbors do something similar where we use to live. But they put their own edited version of scary clips that freaked the little kids out BAD!!!

    @LittleHouse – In a little house this might be more difficult! hehehe – Let us know if you do it and how it went!

    @MoneyBeagle – I thank you! You are right that there are a few cheap seats but they will never be as convenient as doing it at home. Plus, even with cheap tickets I still end up shelling out big dollars on snacks or feel too guilty if I try to sneak something in!

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