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Want to talk about waste, sit down at a computer and start surfing the web. You may find a few minutes of laughter, pick up a nugget or two, but the vast majority of your time will likely be spent looking at information you already know or waiting for sites to load.

I’m no different than any other surfer. Instead of hours of waste for a few nuggets, how about just seeing the nuggets? I learned from each post listed below and thought you might find them worthwhile as well. Each listing has enough detail so you will know if it is value added to you or not:

First up is an opportunity to learn some valuable insight on the concepts of value investing. This comes to us from one of the blogoshere’s  best, the Monevator shares Walter Schloss: His rules that beat the market.

Reserve currencies, what are those? You may have heard some talk about China and Russia wanting the world to use something other than the U.S. dollar as a standard currency. Money Energy explores How Your Investment Strategy Should Change if the Yuan Becomes a Reserve Currency.

Thanks to Evan at My Journey to Millions. I was able to use a message he shared in What Is Valuable May Not Be Worth Anything during a recent training session to help some business owners understand that their customers will appreciate value for their money more than gimmicks and gifts.

The Amateur Financier is teaching us about the people behind the economic theories that are used by governments and business leaders to shape our world. He captured me with an excellent review of Keynesian Economics. I was really hoping for the same thing on Hayek as well… In the meantime, if you want to see the rest of his series, here is the Moneyisms list.

Lastly, an old debate that I continue to battle brought to us by Enemy of Debt: Should You Grow Your Nest Egg Or Pay Off Your Mortgage. Seems Brad is in my camp, sick of owning someone else. Leverage can be a powerful and profitable tool but it can also bite back. If this topic interests you, be sure to check out the other links Brad provided.

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These posts have been chosen as one of their best post by the bloggers who submitted them or hand selected. Please check out each of them and let me know what you think!

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  • Thanks for pointing out these informative articles. I too have dwindled away hours on the internet, and have come away with not a whole lot. It is always helpful when someone points out these golden nuggets, such as the article on “what is valuable may not be worth anything”. I really see your point that customers will value getting a high quality product rather than gimmicks or contests. In the long run quality is what matters, in both internet content and in commercial products.