Investing - Principles of Financial Management #5

Following the path of sound financial management includes education, living within your means, paying off dept and saving money. Why save? Save so that you can put your money to work for you!

Saving More Money - Principles of Financial Management #4

How much money should you save? Over the years you have probably been exposed to several different philosophies. We examine this question and came up with our own conclusion.

Get Out Of Debt - Principles of Financial Management #3

You’ve been living large, having fun, party till you drop and all that. Recently you woke up to the fact that you are not earning a living, you are living an earning. You are a slave to a job that provides just enough to get by from weekend to weekend. What to do?

Spend Less Than You Earn - Principles of Financial Management #2

One of the key principles to financial freedom, as stupid as it may sound is: You must spend less than you earn. Easier said then done however. To achive a lifestyle of living within your means requires Persistent Purpose.

Invest In Yourself - Principles of Financial Management #1

The #1 rule must be invest in yourself first. I have only found a handful that shared they learned about financial responsibility from their parents or mentors in life. If your tired of being in debt, worn out by living paycheck to paycheck, even scared of the state of your financial future, this is a must.