Don't Trust The Fine Print...

… and don’t always rely on common advice.

I just came across another one of those cookie-cutter lists of ways to save when traveling. You could probably predict; when it came to rental cars and insurance it basically said not to buy the extra insurances.

No doubt these extras are just […]

Buy A Free Car

Thanks to our governments passing of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act you too can buy a new car and get all your money back!

The Standup Act (H.R. 1895)

One way to avoid significant expenses is to ban your children from ever driving. Since this is not realistic, maybe we could establish some laws that will reduce their likelihood of accident or worse.

7 Ways To Save At The Car Dealership

Dealers continue to have their profit margins squeezed between the manufacturer and consumers. They are always looking for new ways to add sales and profits. When purchasing a car, avoid the add-on sales that provide little if any real value.

Slow Down And Save

There are many ways to save money when driving. By slowing down you not only save gas and reduce likelihood of accidents; you also please your wife!